Cámara IP LPR Dahua 2Mpx para Lectura de Patentes Varifocal Motorizada


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DAHUA Cámara LPR 2Mpx con tecnología para detección de patentes en accesos. Lente varifocal motorizado 3.2 a 10.5mm

  • Adopts high-performance CMOS image sensor and processor for in-depth extraction and analysis of vehicle information 24/7
  • Embraces deep learning algorithm for accurate recognition of vehicles without license plate, and vehicle model, vehicle logo, vehicle series, vehicle color, and more
  • Various signal, data and communication interfaces; supports connecting to extra devices, such as barrier
  • Built-in LED illuminator for simplified installation
  • Motorized vari-focal lens, easy for installation and commissioning
  • Integrated design with low power consumption, and IP67 protection grade


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